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Justyna Plewińska, advocate

Przemysław Plewiński, advocate

ul. Zygmunta Noskowskiego 2/2, 61-704 Poznań, Poland


Phone: 605 660 248

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Contact attorney Poznań. You can meet the attorneys from the Law Office Poznań in person at the law office. It is also possible to contact us by phone (also via WhatsApp, Telegram and Zoom) and by e-mail. In view of the problems related to the COVID19 pandemic, it is also possible to meet in a virtual form through the Zoom, Teams and other applications.

What should I take to an appointment with an attorney? The first contact with the attorney Poznań is the most important!

Before the meeting, it is best to prepare all documents related to the case. Remember that sometimes a simple notice or confirmation is important. All court documents, summons, information, judgments, decisions or decisions are important. Have your phone number or e-mail address ready. When you are preparing, for example, for a divorce case, think about who could confirm the circumstances presented by you in court.

What to do when someone is stopped by the police?

In the event that a close relative is stopped by the police, it is best to immediately ask about the police unit the detainees are from. This will help speed up the lawyer's intervention and shorten the search for the right police station as much as possible. Persons who are detained must inform where they are from.

Police officers do not have to inform you why they are detaining someone, which is why even the smallest information is so important. Remember not to be aggressive or insistent. Quickly obtaining information and contacting an attorney will make it easier for you to know why your loved one is arrested.