Justyna Plewińska

Justyna Plewińska

attorney Poznań

Specialization: Family Law (Divorce, Alimony)

Justyna Plewińska - experience and professionalism Attorney Poznań
Advocate Poznań

Attorney Justyna Plewińska runs a law firm in Poznań and Łódź; he has been professionally involved in law for almost 10 years. He specializes in civil law , family law (including successful cases in complicated divorce cases), division of property, personal and property insurance law (claiming damages). Her interests include, in particular, medical law - i.e. liability for medical malpractice and for violating patient rights.

He has extensive experience in providing services to business entities, including developers and construction companies. She provided legal services to the top league football club. She was a member of the Parliamentary Committee at the Bar Association in Łódź. He participates in the process of resolving complaints examined within the disciplinary proceedings of members of the Bar Association.

Handling complex civil cases requires full agreement with the client, understanding his needs and choosing the correct procedural technique. The key to success is adequate flexibility during the civil process. It is obvious that you should be ready for any change of circumstances. It is common for a no-fault divorce case to turn into a fight for the sole fault of the other party. Attorney Justyna Plewińska with empathy and understanding conducts all matters related to contact with children and their care. These are not often obvious matters and they certainly often require the attorney to take an understanding but firm position on the matter. It is even more important that the welfare of a minor child should not be harmed.

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Phone: 663 248 486

Office in Poznań: ul. Noskowskiego 2/2, 61-704 Poznań

Office in Łódź: ul. Kościuszki 99/9, 90-441 Łódź.

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