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Legal assistance of Poznań attorneys in inheritance law

Comprehensive assistance in the field of inheritance law is provided by attorney Poznań

  1. The law of inheritance determines the matters that can be settled during the testator's lifetime
  2. Inheritance cases undertaken after the death of the testator
  3. Formalities related to the acquisition of an inheritance - ordering the collection of documentation to establish an inheritance case.

1. Inheritance cases that can be settled during the testator's lifetime

Our clients wanting to have an impact on what happens to the property they have collected after their death, advise on the conditions that should be met by the will (so that it will not be challenged in court), as to how they will be settled, or planned donations, or whether it is possible to deprive certain heirs of a reserved share , how to effectively disinherit . By gaining a broader knowledge of the above-mentioned topics, our clients are able to make informed decisions about the allocation of their assets. Of course, these decisions are often influenced by complicated family relationships, which is why we professionally present various options for action.

2. Inheritance cases undertaken after the testator's death - eg a legacy, division of an inheritance, confirmation of inheritance acquisition, rejection of inheritance .

Inheritance cases, in which we most often represent clients in court, concern the acquisition of an inheritance, reserved share and division of the inheritance. Contrary to popular opinion, the above matters can be very complicated - sometimes they take several years. What can complicate such matters? For example, in a case for a declaration of inheritance, someone may try to challenge the validity of a will (experts will be needed), in a case for a reserved share , for example, what kind of donations should be taken into account when calculating the reserved portion or prove that a specific asset was actually in inheritance property (evidence must be taken for everything), in a case for division of inheritance property, the issue to be proved will be the size of the inheritance property and its value.

In addition, due to the debt of the estate, we help in the procedure of inheritance rejection, rejection of inheritance by a minor, acceptance of the inheritance with the benefit of inventory.

Other court cases include, for example, declaring an inheritance unworthy or seeking inheritance property.

3. Formalities related to the acquisition of inheritance determined by the law of inheritance

Very often, the order from our clients is to collect all the necessary documents to carry out an inheritance case or to prepare a certificate of inheritance. Complicated family relationships often result in the fact that a person who wants to obtain a declaration of inheritance acquisition is not able to collect all the necessary documents, e.g. because he or she does not know the names of all potentially participants in the case or does not know their whereabouts. Based on the power of attorney granted to us, we are able to perform these formalities for the client.

In addition, we can also prepare an out-of-court settlement / agreement for the division of the estate.

Inheritance law - all over the country and orders from abroad.

We are able to provide services in the field of inheritance law not only in Poznań , where we are based, but also throughout the country . Due to the fact that often the heirs live abroad, we offer the possibility of handling their case by correspondence. We provide contact by letter / e-mail / telephone / by other means of distance communication . Thanks to this, we do not require the personal presence of the client. We can arrange all formalities on his behalf with inheritance formalities.

Appeal, complaint, request for security.

Inheritance cases in our law firm are handled by attorney Przemysław Plewiński .

You can read the regulations regarding inheritance law in Book Four of the Civil Code .