Criminal law

Criminal lawyer in Poznań

Legal assistance in the criminal case of a lawyer in Poznań.

Help in a criminal case - years of experience !

The company ADWOKAT POZNAŃ Przemysław Plewiński provides legal assistance at every stage of proceedings in the field of criminal law and petty offenses law. Defense in court, appeal, electronic supervision, requests for conditional early release. We help in cases from Poznań and not only from the moment of detention. In emergency cases, the phone is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Przemysław Plewiński, advocate, is responsible for the criminal law department.

Help in a criminal case - Poznań

Criminal cases are often complicated and can last for years. Importantly, they require a special approach due to the difficult situation of the claimant and the defendant. Our law firm deals with criminal cases from beginning to end, developing the best strategy for the client. You can be sure that we will analyze all the evidence, listen to your opinions and jointly decide on the next steps in the court proceedings. If you are looking for an experienced lawyer in Poznań, please contact our law firm.

Criminal law - Poznań

Criminal law covers many areas, incl. executive, procedural or material law. Lawsuits are often extremely emotional and require full commitment. It is impossible to deal with these situations on your own, which is why it is so important to cooperate with a criminal attorney in Poznań, who will advise you and calmly analyze the situation. We approach all matters professionally, taking care of the customer's comfort and choosing a satisfactory solution for him.

Criminal Lawyer - Poznań

Cooperation with our office gives you comfort, you will meet with a pleasant atmosphere and professional approach. A criminal attorney in Poznań can be extremely helpful for you and, above all, will take care of all formalities and deadlines. We act quickly and efficiently in emergency situations, don't hesitate to call us if you don't know what to take. We provide support and assistance at every stage of cooperation.

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