Civil Law - attorney Poznań

Civil law assistance of attorneys from the law office in Poznań at every stage of the proceedings.

A fair settlement in the field of civil law

The lawyer Justyna Plewińska is responsible for the civil law department in our law firm.

Civil law services - including:

Debt collection

We will advise you: how to collect the debt and how to defend yourself against execution? We comprehensively handle cases in the field of civil law and cases related to the pursuit of claims arising from civil law relations. We handle cases related to both breaches of contracts and tort cases - in each of them we will provide you with professional assistance. We will guide you through all matters related to claiming damages. The Law Firm - although our services are easiest to find under the description of Attorney Poznań - offers its assistance throughout the country, despite the fact that the office is located in the city of Poznań , e.g. in the scope of:

  • requests for payment, settlement proposals;
  • amicable debt recovery before bringing the case to court;
  • court proceedings for payment - handling the entire case;
  • referral of the case for enforcement (to the bailiff),
  • representation in enforcement proceedings;
  • a complaint against the action of a bailiff;
  • anti-enforcement actions;

Civil law contracts

The frequency of requests for an opinion on the contract increases every year. This is due to the growing legal awareness of citizens and the need to protect their interests. This phenomenon should, of course, be assessed positively - and it is important to find a lawyer who actually deals with the provision of this type of services, who can apply appropriate contractual clauses securing the interests of the client , after entering the simple phrase "Advocate Poznań" in the search engine. We propose:

  • reviewing contracts in terms of compliance with the law,
  • clauses and solutions securing the client's interests;
  • negotiating and drawing up contracts;
  • we prepare sales contracts (including warranty, guarantee), developer contracts, contracts for specific work,
  • we will draw up mandate contracts, loan agreements, loan agreements, donation agreements, rental and lease agreements, contracts for construction works, etc .;
  • we will present contracts for the use of the image - protection of personal rights.
  • cooperation agreements and other unnamed agreements,
  • representation in settlement and court proceedings in the above-mentioned cases.

Matters relating to the ownership of movable and immovable property - civil law

One of the most lazy sleepers is matters relating to the ownership of things. This is because they usually relate to property, on which you have probably worked very hard, even throughout your life, therefore you need professional help. A good lawyer knows the rules governing property law (this is what we call this area of law) - they are the basis of legal knowledge.

We run:

  • cases for the protection of property and limited property rights,
  • eviction,
  • prescription cases,
  • abolition of joint ownership,
  • demarcation of real estate,
  • land and mortgage register matters,
  • matters relating to easement, easement of transmission.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Plewińscy - we provide legal assistance not only in Poznań - although most often our clients contact us from friends using the password Advocate Poznań - but also throughout Poland. We provide assistance of lawyer specialists in settlement proceedings and in court proceedings.

Economic law - civil law

Our law firm's assistance in the field of economic law:

  • legal services for entrepreneurs and their representation in court,
  • registration (creation) of commercial law companies (general partnership, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company);
  • preparation of legal opinions regarding transactions;
  • changes in the composition of the bodies (management board, supervisory board, etc.) and the amount of the share or share capital;
  • preparation of draft documents,
  • support for shareholders 'meetings and general shareholders' meetings;
  • obtaining permits and concessions;
  • in inside.

You can also get acquainted with our other specializations in which we are able to help you and your family. It is obvious that the help of a good and professional attorney can save you from many problems.