Legal services for entrepreneurs - attorney Poznań

Legal assistance for entrepreneurs Attorney Poznań

Legal services for entrepreneurs are currently very important. Nowadays, almost every company decides to permanently cooperate with an attorney . The above results from the lower costs that the company incurs when outsourcing external legal services to an attorney. This is a more advantageous situation than the amount of costs incurred when hiring an employee - a lawyer or the entire legal department . Thus, companies, on the one hand, gain professional legal assistance in all current matters. On the other hand, they reduce the costs of legal services

What is the legal service for entrepreneurs - companies?

The scope of cooperation between our law firm and a specific company depends on the company's decision. It may be limited only to handling current affairs and inquiries (remotely or at the company's premises). However, it may also apply to the preparation and evaluation of documents and contracts . Our law firm provides representation in negotiations and disputes with contractors and in handling the company's affairs at the stage of court proceedings . Due to the fact that our team includes specialists in various fields of law , including in particular civil , commercial , economic , labor law and criminal law , we are able to comprehensively deal with the company's affairs. If your company needs support only in specific activities and, for example, only in one or two areas of law, our cooperation may of course be limited to a narrower scope of activities. However, you will be comfortable that in an emergency, we will also be able to help you with other problems .

Legal services for companies - Attorney Poznań

The demand for legal services for companies is constantly growing. Sometimes it is a single, incidental situation in which the entrepreneur needs the help of a lawyer , sometimes this single cooperation turns into a long-term one, and recently in the face of constantly changing regulations, most often it is, however, permanent legal services . How do we provide legal services for companies ? We provide: informing about changing regulations and issues that may concern your business, we warn you about the risks of specific actions so that you are aware of the effects of the decisions made , we look for the safest and most effective solutions , we report on the actions taken and the course of cases on an ongoing basis, we are available and commissioned we perform the activities immediately , responding to your inquiries, we do not construct "elaborates", from which nothing results, but we express ourselves as clearly as possible on the subject.

Cost of legal services for entrepreneurs - Attorney Poznań

The amount of the fee is determined depending on the client's preferences. The remuneration may be determined:

  • lump sum (specific amount for the entire month of legal services),
  • per hour of work,
  • in a mixed manner (a specified number of working hours for a specific amount of remuneration; after exceeding the limit, an additional payment for each subsequent hour),
  • specific remuneration + succes fee (often in cases for payment).

Legal services for entrepreneurs Poznań and other cities

Currently, we mainly cooperate with entrepreneurs in Poznań , Łódź and Warsaw , but we also have experience in cooperation with entities with their headquarters at distances, e.g. in Silesia or abroad - due to the possibility of remote service , distance is not an obstacle for us .

When it comes to the type of activity of entities with whom we have cooperated, and thus the areas in which we have experience, these are:

  • construction,
  • real estate,
  • sport,
  • production
  • trade.

Economic law

Our law firm's assistance in the field of economic law :

  • legal services for entrepreneurs, including representation in court,
  • registration (creation) of commercial law companies (general partnership, partnership, limited partnership, limited liability company, joint-stock company);
  • preparation of legal opinions regarding transactions;
  • changes in the composition of the bodies (management board, supervisory board, etc.) and the amount of the share or share capital;
  • preparation of draft documents,
  • support for shareholders 'meetings and general shareholders' meetings;
  • obtaining permits and concessions;
  • in inside.

Legal services for entrepreneurs are provided by attorney Justyna Plewińska and advocate Przemysław Plewiński .