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After a breakup, it is often difficult for the child's parents to agree on what the contacts with the child should look like. Of course, first of all, we emphasize that the parents' agreement is the most important, but it is not always possible. As a rule, the child's parents still experience the breakdown of their relationship, and in such emotions finding a compromise is difficult. In particular, it is about contacts with the child after divorce .

It should be noted right away that you are not always able to talk to your ex-partner in person. In this case, you can always be represented by an attorney in negotiations, including out-of-court negotiations.

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When it is not possible to reach an agreement on contact with the child between the parents, there is still a way to go to court. You can count on the help of our law firm here. We will provide you with answers to questions such as:

  • How to establish contacts between the father (mother) and the child ?
  • How often does the father have to see the children?
  • What is alternating care ?
  • Is alternating care possible in a Polish court?
  • Can I deprive my ex-spouse of contact with the child ?
  • How do I apply for a contact with a child ?
  • Will the police help me if the child's mother does not hand me over the child?
  • What to do when the wife makes contact with the child difficult?

Contact with a child after divorce or breakup

It is emphasized that the child has the right to personal contact with each of the parents. This contact is the minor's basic need that should be met. Even when the parents are no longer together, the right does not expire. This means that only in extreme cases - e.g. child demoralization by a parent, child abuse by a parent - the right to contact may be excluded (of course , contact restrictions are a completely different matter). Each parent also has the right to meet the child. The parent who is the primary caretaker of the child is obliged to enable the other parent to implement it.

The method of contacting the parent with the child may consist in personal meetings with the child, through communication devices used for distance communication (telephone, e-mail, chat, social media) or less frequent letters. Meetings with the child may take place at their place of residence. It will also be possible for such contacts to take place at the other parent's place of residence, in a public place, e.g. a playground. Depending on the circumstances, certain restrictions may be imposed by the court and, for example, contacts with a child may take place in the presence of a probation officer.

How to establish contacts?

You can establish contacts with a descendant by writing an agreement between the parents. Otherwise, it will be necessary to establish them in the course of legal proceedings, which in turn may end with a settlement of the parents or a court order. The court settlement and court order can then be enforced even by a bailiff.

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If you want to prepare for you an application for establishing contact with a child (colloquially: a contact application), an application for prohibiting contact with a child , an application for limiting contact with a child , an application for alternating care ? Contact our law firm and family law specialists will provide you with assistance.

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Matters related to parental contacts are regulated by the Family and Guardianship Code (KRO) . Court proceedings in this area of law are conducted on the basis of the procedures of the Code of Civil Procedure (KPC) .