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Divorce is not an easy situation. It evokes a lot of emotions, and at the same time is associated with many legal issues. We offer comprehensive assistance and full support to people who terminate their marriage. We can guide you through the case from the very beginning to the end, along with various types of negotiations (e.g. on child support or parental rights). An experienced divorce attorney will help you in this situation. Poznań is the place where we have our headquarters, so we invite residents of the city and the surrounding area to cooperate with us.

The attorney Justyna Plewińska is responsible for handling divorce cases in our office.

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Over the years, we have already dealt with many divorce cases, always with the main goal of obtaining a settlement for our clients. We analyze all information provided to us and select a strategy based on it. We provide services to both persons petitioning for divorce and those who have received a petition. Why is the help of a lawyer in Poznań advisable? Divorce is sometimes a very complex procedure that requires appropriate steps to be taken, otherwise the resolution may not be favorable. The breakdown of the marriage relationship is related to such issues as, for example, the division of property, the reconciliation of parental responsibility over the child. We will try to make everything fair and beneficial to you.

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We assume that good communication is the key to successful cooperation. For this reason, we will be happy to get to know your case in detail. We will also explain the steps taken on an ongoing basis and explain any incomprehensible legal issues. When divorcing in Poznań, it is worth being aware that the other party will most likely also benefit from professional help, which is why it is even more worth cooperating with an attorney. However, this is not all, because apart from legal services, our presence is also supportive and affects the psychological comfort. We offer full reliability and, above all, forbearance, regardless of the characteristics of the case.

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We conduct cases without and with adjudication of blame. We help in obtaining a divorce in Poznań, which is in line with the child's best interests in terms of regulating parental authority. We take care of the correct division of the joint property, determining the correct amount of any alimony. We also prepare various types of documents. If you have any questions, please contact us.